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  • 10 vibes for Cappadoccia

    like locals

    Stay in a Cave; Cappadocia is a land of natural wonders and as such there are some unique experiences every traveler should try. One of the most rewarding experiences is staying at one of Cappadocia’s world famous “cave hotels”. Some of the region’s troglodyte dwellings have been turned into luxurious boutique hotels. These hotels offer a real feel of the region’s unique architecture while providing all the modern amenities.

    Breakfast with the View of Fairy Chimneys; Cappadocia offers you a stunning view of fairy chimneys, especially at dawn. With the rising sun, it is a pleasure to view the panorama accompanying with such a delicious breakfast. A traditional Turkish breakfast includes variety of olives, cheese, egg, tomato, cucumber, pepper, Turkish sausage (sucuk), jams, honey, butter, cream.  After the rich and nourishing breakfast, it is time to discover rural parts of Cappadocia.

    Conquering the scenery from up above: Hot Air Balloons; As dawn breaks, you will float in air with great calmness! Rock formations dating back to millions of years, unimaginable landforms unique to this geography lying beneath. Valleys offering majestic sceneries, high altitudes painting a multi-hued topography down below, slopes weaved in velvety texture. The land of fairy chimneys has become the center for hot air ballooning gradually over the past 20 years and the intoxicating morning cruises have been attracting more and more travelers from all over the world with each passing day. The balloons, which go up to 800 meters high, depart from the trails around Göreme early in the morning.

    Cappadocian Vineyards; It wouldn’t be fair if you’d come all this way and return without trying the delicious Cappadocian wines. This region holding the well-established winemaking tradition for thousands of years, owes its famous vineyards to the tuff formed by the volcanic activities. Anatolian grapes such as Öküzgözü, Kalecik Karası, Boğazkere, Narince and Emir grow graciously thanks to the rich tuff soil. It gets better! Cappadocia wineries are open for visitation all year long, making your trip possible at any given moment.

    Walk Along the Streets (Avanos, Mustafapaşa, Ürgüp, Göreme); If you are interested in history, faith, arts, architecture or different local lifestyles, the streets of Cappadocia will surely attract you. The streets of Avanos full of pottery, silk and carpet ateliers, the streets of Mustafapaşa or Sinasos with interesting architecture, churches and madrasahs together, the streets of Ürgüp with historical mansions, museums, fairy chimneys, even Turkish Baths, the streets of Göreme lead you to the world-famous Göreme Open-Air Museum and Valleys of Love, Güvercinlik (Pigeons), Zemi, Paşabağ, Güllüdere, Kılıçlar and so on.

    Lunch with Local Tastes; Cappadocia has a very rich local cuisine. The most famous meals of the region are clay-pot kebab and beans! The clay-pot kebab is very original. And it is also healthy and delicious with the ingredients of meat and different vegetables. At this kind of cooking, meals are slowly cooked in traditional ovens. Therefore, they have a smoky aroma and more flavor.

    There are many different tasty meals of Cappadocia: Soğanlama with onion, egg, pepper, and tomato; Ağpakla with white bean, butter, and meat; Gendirme with chickpea, wheat and meat; Dıvıl with potato and cracked wheat, Stuffed Apricot and Quince with minced meat and different spices! Sweet tooths never disappoint at Nevşehir: They will have a feast with pumpkin desert, Köftür (kind of Turkish delight contains grape juice of the region), Dolaz (flour halva with butter), grape molasses and so on!

    Horseback Riding; One of the great ways to discover Cappadocia is horseback riding. Being on a horse allows you to closely observe the stunning details around you. There are many daily horseback tours to choose from. There are also multi-day rides around Cappadocia, as well as full moon rides where you can explore this enchanting region at night.  You can navigate through Valley stretches on footpaths where vehicles cannot enter, around fairy chimneys and among lush village vineyards by horses. You will get the chance to see the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia such as Meskendir and Güllüdere.

    Hiking/Trekking; Cappadocia is also a veritable paradise for nature hikers. Hiking around Cappadocia is a unique experience offering some of the most surreal scenery in the world. There are several popular trails including the Valley of Pigeons near Göreme, the Love Valley, the Rose Valley and the Sword Valley, all of which take a few hours and make you feel like both a time traveler and an adventurer through historic churches, necropolises, beautiful nature and many more. You can also walk longer trails such as the 14 km Ihlara Valley.

    Pottery Making; Located 18km from Nevşehir city, Avanos is famous for its tradition of pottery-making that has been alive since the times of the Hittites. If you want to give it a try, call in at a workshop, and take up your position before the wheel. What happens next is up to the skills of your hands and the vividness of your imagination. Master potters standing nearby will lend you their support and maybe give you a few pointers.

    When you leave, do not forget to pick up an example or two of the craftsmen's work as a memento of your time there.

    Watch the Sunset at Ortahisar Castle; The best ways to end a day may be watching the sundown at a castle with a gorgeous sight! Ortahisar is both a castle and a fairy chimney, thus it is a good combination for Cappadocia. Sightseeing during afterglow here is a pleasure itself. You feel the breeze and the calm of the region simultaneously.