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    One thing that mesmerizes the senses in Cappadocia is the smell of Cappadocia. The clay in Cappadocia is cherished by ceramic ateliers, of which there are quite a few around. Spend some time here making a pot with your own hands, under expert guidance. The heady smell of wet clay, the texture through your fingers and the rhythm of the potter’s wheel, awakens a primal excitement that we seem to have lost in our fast paced and busy modern world. 

    The air is punctuated by the smells of Turkish cuisine with its dance of aromas from the delicate use of Turkish spices and herbs. Cappadocia is home to the flos elaeagni, an endemic aromatic tree that fills the air with a wonderful perfume in the spring. Added to this cornucopia of olfactory seductions is the smell of the freshly brewed Turkish coffee and tea, ever present and a hallmark of Turkish hospitality.

    Tufa Landscape

    As humans in a vast universe, we sometimes think our very own world is way too familiar, we wonder what else is out there. Nonetheless, even though we get caught up in mundane routines, there are still jewels awaiting to be discovered, with the precious moments we can cherish and hold on to. Cappadocia is one of those places, allowing you to leave our planet behind without actually leaving it. Given a chance, this land will definitely fill one with the sense of adventure and mystery.